Foam Block Crasher Machine

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FOAM LM-FCR/1100 Foam Block Crasher Machine

It is a machine that opens the cell structure of foam and increases the foam quality by crushing the foam blocks with its hydraulic crushing system

Sünger ezme işlemi sırasında sünger içerisindeki hava giderilerek sünger kesim bekleme süresi minimize edilir ve süngerde daha sonra oluşabilecek çökmelerin de önüne geçilmiş olur

The gases located in the foam block are eliminated during the crushing process thus minimizes the waiting time for foam cutting and prevents any future collapses

How machine works:

Foam blocks are crushed by the lower and upper roller conveyor can be driven in an angled position to continuously increase the compression. With the motors located in the lower and upper conveyor, the required angle can be set to increase the quality of foam crushing process

It requires one operator to manage the process from the panel


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry

Foam Industry

Automotive Industry


Hr Foam

Viscoelastic Foam


and other similar materials

Machine Size W:3200 mm L:4000 mm H:3000 mm
Machine Weight 12.000 kg
Foam Crushing Speed 15 m/min
Max. Foam Block Size W:2500 mm H:1500 mm
Min. Foam Block Size W:1000 mm H:500 mm
Press System Hydraulic
Hydraulic Pump 5.5 kW (100 lt)
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 12 kW
CE Certificate Yes
Machine crushing system is hydraulic
Lower and upper conveyor angles can be set from the panel
Crushing process has been maximized by crushing the foam block both directions
The machine runs with high capacity and efficiency with a crushing speed of 15m/min
The rollers are coated with sandpaper in order to stop the foam from moving during the crushing process
Crushing process increases the foam quality
Since the collapses are pre-formed in advance during the crushing process, customer complaints are prevented in the products produced with crushed foam
The machine is capable of carrying out crushing process at varies foam types and densities


Operator Touch Screen

Lower and upper roller conveyor to be adjusted in an angled position


Loading Conveyor

Unloading Conveyor