90 Degrees Cross Conveyor

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FOAM LM-FCR/1100 90 Degrees Cross Conveyor

This conveyor line directs finished or semi-finished mattresses 90 degrees to the left or right. The cross conveyor comes complete with a conveyor roller and PVC belt. With its pneumatic lift system, it raises mattresses and directs them to the left or right

With its flexible and ergonomic working principle, it can direct mattresses of varying sizes and weights


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry

Furniture Industry

White Goods Industry


Finished or Semi-Finished Mattress


Wood Panel

White Goods

Conveyor Size Customized conveyor production according to customer inquiry
Conveyor Weight 600 kg
Conveyor Height 900 mm
Lift System Pneumatic
Lift Power 250 kg
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
Power Total: 1.5kW
CE Certificate Yes
It can direct mattresses of varying sizes and weights without requiring any adjustment
Depending on the production requirements:
* Products are directed either left or right
* or it can be used as a straight transfer conveyor
The cross conveyor is made up of Ø76 mm rollers
Five x 140 mm wide PVC belts are fitted inside the conveyor
It has two 0.75 power motors
The conveyor lift boasts a Festo pneumatic system


PVC Conveyor, 5 Pieces


Pneumatic Lift System


PVC Band

Festo Blower