Horizontal Cutting Machine

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FOAM LM-FHC/1000 Horizontal Cutting Machine

It is a machine that cuts and splits great quantities of foam in varies sizes into horizontal sheets with its turntable (carousel)

Cutting process is fully automatic but it can be also managed manually

The machine performs the cutting and splitting process at the required thickness for more than one block foam located on carousel

Carousel cutting machine

  • increases the production efficiency
  • requires minimum labour force
  • runs with high cutting precision
  • minimizes the wastage
  • maximizes the safety in the working area

Turntable has been coated with sandpaper in order to stop the foam block from moving during the cutting process. As an addition foam block is fixed to the carousel with the vacuum unit

With its specially designed knives with 30 mm width and sharpening unit located in the machine, it maximizes the cutting and splitting quality and extends the knife lifetime

The machine has a blade extraction unit as an option

Knives are able to cut and split the foam blocks precisely with its automatic angle adjustment unit

With the help of loading and unloading conveyors, the foam blocks can be placed on the turntable


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry

Foam Industry

Automotive Industry

Packaging Industry



Memory Foam


Viscoelastic Foam with Gel

Turntable Size 7200 mm
Inner Turntable Size 2200 mm
Machine Height 2700 mm (+/-50 mm)
Max. Product Height 1300 mm
Cutting Width 2500 mm
Max. Cutting Speed 60-80 m/min
Rpm 4 spin/min
Min. Cutting Thickness 5 mm
Cutting Precise +/- 0.2 mm
Max. Foam Block Length 2700 mm
Electrical Equipment Siemens, ABB, Schneider
Air Pressure 6 bar
Power 15 kW
With its knife holder sheath located in the machine that moves back and forth with servo-motor:
• It extends the knife lifetime
• Increases the split/cut quality
• Permanently provides a high precise cutting property
Foam block is fixed to the carousel with the vacuum unit in order to stop moving the foam block during the cutting process
Operator can manage all cutting/splitting parameters from the touch screen
With its angle adjustment unit, the cutting angle and required sheet thickness can be managed by the operator from the touch screen
Cutting speed is adjustable from the panel


Grinding Unit


Dust Extraction Unit

Inlet/Exit Conveyor