Automatic Packaging Machine

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FOAM LM-FPG/1100 Automatic Packaging Machine

It is a packaging machine that packs the block foams with or without press

Machine consists of three parts such as feeding conveyor, press-vacuumed unit and exit conveyor

How machine works:

  • The foam blocks located on the feeding conveyor pass into the machine automatically for the purpose of packaging and pressing
  • The foam blocks are inserted to the packaging material automatically
  • With its hydraulic pressing system, it presses the packed foam blocks with 20 tons
  • With water-cooled welding jaws, it maximizes the sealing quality
  • Afterwards the packed and pressed foam block pass to the exit conveyor automatically


Foam Industry


Foam Blocks

Machine Size W:3600 mm L:12000 mm H:2500 mm
Machine Weight 2200 kg
Capacity 2-3 foam block/min
Max. Foam Size W: 2000 mm L:2700 mm H:900 mm
Min. Foam Size W:1000 mm L:1000 mm H:80 mm
Press System Hydraulic
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 8.5 kW
Air Pressure 6 bar
CE Certificate Yes
Packaging process can be carried out with or without press and it is adjustable from the panel
Packaging process is fully automatic
It requires 2 operators at the machine
With its packaging speed such as 2-3 pieces per minute, it is faster than its equivalent in the market
It measures the foam block size automatically
The press system is hydraulic with 20 tons of pressing power
It provides app. % 70 volume reduction in pressed foam blocks depending on the foam type
Pressing rate is adjustable from the panel
With its automatic package feeding elevator and spare package chamber, the single operator can manage the package changing easier and quicker
With its spare packaging chamber, it can double-pack the foam block
It has an ergonomic and strong chassis


Feeding Conveyor

Exit Conveyor

Automatic Product Feeding Conveyor

Spare Package Chamber