Roll Foam Packaging Machine

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FOAM LM-FPG/1200 Roll Foam Packaging Machine

It is a machine that features a volume reduction automatically through wrapping the foam rolls with a packaging material

Once the foam roll is placed on the inlet conveyor, the product is carried automatically to the volume reduction unit

How machine works:

The foam roll in cylindrical shape is covered with PVC band. With the help of the press applied to the foam roll covered with PVC band, it reduces the volume of the foam roll. Since the foam block located in the band is wrapped with the stretch film, it passes to the exit unit automatically once the volume reduction process is completed

Approximately %70 volume reduction is achieved at the roll foam depending on the foam density


Foam Industry


Foam Roll

Machine Size W:4000mm L:7000 mm H:3500 mm
Machine Weight 2700 kg
Capacity 1 foam roll/min
Max. Roll Size L:2300 mm D:1600 mm
Min. Roll Size L: 1500 mm D: 500 mm
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Hydraulic Pump 5.5 kW/100 lt
Power 11 kW
CE Certificate Yes
With water-cooled system, it maximizes the sealing quality
Foam block entrance and exit to the machine are automatic
Foam roll exit diameter can be adjusted from the panel by the operator
Exit foam roll diameter varies according to foam density
It has a hydraulic locking system
The packaging quantity can be adjusted from the panel
Since the packaging chamber located on the ground level, the operator is able to manage the package changing easier and quicker
One operator is required at the machine
It has an ergonomic and strong chassis
It packs approximately one roll foam per minute


Automatic Foam Roll Inlet/Exit System