Foam Splitter Machine

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FOAM LM-FSP/3000 Foam Splitter Machine

With the LM-FS-3000 foam splitting machine, we provide you maximum production efficiency, minimum labor cost, high splitting accuracy, minimized foam layer splitting, a greater usable foam layer area, minimum splitting waste, maximum work safety, environmentally friendly production and the minimum splitting area


The LM-FS-3000 foam splitting machine will be used in the following industries

  • Mattress Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Packing Industry
  • Apparel Industry


Foam blocks at various densities, such as 14–50 dns, can be used. Before the foam blocks are inserted into the splitting machine, they must first be cured

Min. Foam Thickness 2.5 mm
Max. Foam Thickness 50 mm
Max. Roll Diameter 1600 mm
Max. Splitting Speed 80 m/min
Max. Foam Block Length 30.5 m
Max. Foam Block Weight 3.5 ton
Max. Foam Block Height 1100 mm
Max. Foam Block Width 2500 mm
Splitting Tolerance +/- 0,2 mm
Power 60 kW
Machine Chassis Steel
Machine Dimension W:6 m L:15 m H: 6.5 m
Splitting Knife Tool W:80 mm T:0.6 mm
Pressure Roller To achieve an optimum splitting tolerance, the pressure roller can be adjusted to automatic or manual
Splitting Unit Splitting units automatically descend upon reaching the block turn to ensure they split with the required thickness. While the split foam layer is wrapped, the equipment on both sides ensures that the winding axis remains in the center


  • Knife Cooling Unit
  • Knife Grinding Unit
  • Grinding Dust Extraction Unit
  • Motor-Driven Adjustable Pressure Roller
  • Motor-Driven Cutting Angle Adjustment Unit
  • Motor-Driven Manual Pressure Roller
  • Main Transport Conveyor with External Vacuum
  • Cable Numbering
  • Equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed users
  • Winding Unit on a Separate Lifting Platform
  • Winding Unit with Support Spindles
  • Reverse Mode
  • Height-Adjustable Operator Platform
  • Machine Security Barrier System
  • Automatic Blade Pusher System
  • Vacuum Unit


  • Ionization Unit
  • Antistatic Unit
  • Edge Cutter
  • Cross Cutter
  • Circular Cross Cutter
  • Angular Cutter (Cutting-Off Machine)
  • Frequency Controller Vacuum Unit
  • Angle Adjustable Grinding System
  • Reversing Mode for Short Blocks
  • Motor-Driven Automatic Pressure Roller
  • Machine Maintenance Platform
  • Roll Packing Machine