Vertical Cutting Machine

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FOAM LM-FVC/1000 EASY CUT Vertical Cutting Machine

This machine has been designed to cut foam blocks into sheets and trim block foam edges. Foam blocks are loaded and unloaded manually. The body is static while the cutting plate and supporting plate are moved manually


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry

Foam Industry

Automotive Industry

Construction Industry


Block Foam,

Foam Sheets,

Felt XPS, EPS, Latex, Memory Foam, Laminated Products

Block Width Standard:1250 mm Options:1600 mm-2200 mm
Block Height Standard:1300 mm Options:650 mm-1500 mm
Block Length Standard:2200 mm Options:2500 mm-3100 mm
Machine Size W:4800 mm L:4560 mm H:2450 mm
Machine Weight 1560 kgs
Inner Working Table Size W:1720 mm L:2440 mm
Outer Working Table Size W:2000 mm L:2440 mm
Cutting Precision +/- 0,5
Baffle Height 600 mm
Cutting Height 1200 mm
Min. Cutting Thickness 3 mm
Power 1.74 kW
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Cutting Knife: Circular cutting knife, 6–25 mm in width
Cut-off fluctuation is minimized thanks to a central support
The machine is automated with maximum simplicity by not using a PLC
It is ergonomic to use
A manual cutting system is used in order to stop the cutting plate from moving during the cutting process
To achieve a precise linear cut, a foam block supporting wall parallel to the table is in place
There is a toothed rack and gear system on both sides of the table to ensure the foam supporting plate moves linearly
The cutting unit has an automatic knife sharpener system
Various cutting table models are available
The cutting knife is made of special hardened steel and available in different shapes


  • Motor-driven knife protection unit
  • Side stop
  • Pneumatic knife tensioning support
  • Adjustable knife speed
  • Knife sharpening unit


  • Angle-adjustable supporting plate
  • Digital position indicator
  • Knife sharpening dust collecting unit
  • Height of adjustable side supporting
  • Two-sided cutting
  • Pneumatic table system allows products to be easily lifted