Foam Sticks Cutting Machine

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FOAM LM-RYC-1000 Foam Sticks Cutting Machine

It is a machine that cuts foam, latex, memory foam and quilted panels into foam sticks to use them as filling material such as pillows


  • Mattress Industry
  • Foam Industry
  • Home Textile (Duvets and Pillows)
  • Quilted Panel


  • Quilted Panel
  • Foam
  • Fiber

Foam Stick Cutting cuts the following items:

  • Foam
  • Foam + Mattress Ticking
  • Foam + Fiber + Mattress Ticking + Non-woven

Machine Size W:1400 mm L:4500 mm H:1550 mm
Moving Mechanism Chain
Foam Stick Size W:10 mm L:4-24 mm H:10 mm
Capacity 350 kg/saat
PVC Belt 5 mm PVC
Electric 18 kW
It has lower and upper angled double feeding conveyor located at the feeding points thus ensures the products are directed to the blades properly
The height of the foam shall not exceed 10 cm
Spiral knife feeding band has a pneumatic belt control system. With the belt control system, any risk of slipping during the operation is avoided
There is an additional conveyor belt located at the lower part of the machine. With its additional conveyor, it avoids any risk of foam sticks reaching the engine parts and ensures that sticks are collected at a point without any loss
With its safety sensors located in the machine, it stops the machine automatically in case of a product overload
To maximize operator safety, powered equipment is kept in a closed cabinet and switches are added at the machines covers
By residual current device located in the panel, any risk of electrical leakage is avoided
Machine knife is made of special hardened chrome coated steel thus ensures the maximum cutting quality will last for a long time
With its wider band, stronger structure and production capacity, it provides you high efficiency
By passing the products through the knives, it provides small cube-shaped foam blocks to use as a filling material which are bulky, elastic and dust free
Machine is operated by connecting electricity and air
It is run by a PLC system
It is a simple and ergonomic machine to use
It requires one operator and product feeding is manual


  • Disc Blade System
  • Spiral Knife Drum
  • Conveyor Feeding Unit
  • Wastage Conveyor
  • Safety Equipment
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Mechanical Parts Protection System
  • Electrical Safety System
  • Cabinet Safety System


  • Suction Fun
  • Foam Sticks Silo
  • Automatic Pillow Filling Line