Double Head Pipe Bending Machine

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FURNITURE LM-BM/1000 Double Head Pipe Bending Machine

It is a machine that is used by the sofa manufacturers to nail the wooden laths to the metal skeleton

How a machine works?

Sofa metal frame is placed on the machine by the operator and timber to be nailed is placed on the metal frame. With its previously adjusted nailing head according to the nailing range, the operator starts the nailing process by pressing the foot pedal


Furniture Industry


Sofa Metal Frame

Machine Size W:800 mm L:3150 mm H:1950 mm
Machine Weight 850 kg
Electric 220 V
Air Pressure 6 bar
Power 0.3 kW
It performs the nailing process with 6 nailing head at one time
Since the nailing process can be performed easily, it increases the production efficiency and saves the cost
It standardizes the nailing process
It is a simple and ergonomic machine to use


Foot pedal

Touch screen

Double Hydraulic Wedge System