Elastic Belt Tensioning Machine

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FURNITURE LM-BT/1100 Elastic Belt Tensioning Machine

It is a pneumatic equipped machine that adjusts the belt tension according to the type of required seats and belt numbers

Belt tension process is standardized by adjusting the belt tension at varies sizes of seat and it is performed by the operator quickly thus saves time and cost

This machine requires one operator to run


Furniture Industry


Seats (armchair, sofa)

Machine Size W:2200 mm L:2250 mm H:1150 mm
Machine Weight 750 kg
Capacity 1 pcs/min
Power 0.75 kW
Electric 220 V
Air Pressure 6 bar
The distance between the belts is adjustable and up to 12 belts can be used at the machine
Belt tension can be adjusted from the panel by the operator thus ensures all belts are at the same tension
The machine runs with pneumatic arms