Assembly Conveyor

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FURNITURE LM-CR/1100 Assembly Conveyor

Furniture manufacturing combines many types of operations. A metal, wood or skeleton is often combined with textiles for seats and design.

It is a conveyor that is used for assembly and upholstery products such as wing chair, armchair as well as sofa

Assembling conveyor handles the transportation of parts in furniture production and allows you to focus on adding value to your final product

Suitable for mass production


Furniture Industry


Wing Chair


Conveyor Size E:520 mm B:20000 mm Y:750 mm
Conveyor Weight 900 kg
Conveyor Speed 1 m/min
Power 0.55 kW
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6 bar
It maximizes the production efficiency
It saves the cost
Low maintenance cost
Since assembling conveyor handles the transportation in the production, it saves the time
Since the conveyor belt is constant motion, it keeps the production speed at the required level
Customized solution is available according to customer inquiry, application and working area