Auto-Shrink Sofa Packaging Machine

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FURNITURE LM-PG/6200 Auto-Shrink Sofa Packaging Machine

LM-PG/6200 is a fully automatic sofa packaging machine that covers the sofa with polyethylene film that have passed the quality control process

The product passes through the oven automatically for shrinking once they are packed in the packaging unit in the first place. Afterwards, the heat is applied around the product to shrink PE film to have a tighter packaging surface in the oven. Thanks to its tighter and wrapping quality, it prevents the product from dust, dirt and moisture and features a safer and smoother storage

The operator is not being required since it packs the products automatically

With its automatic alignment system, the packaging unit aligns the sofas automatically after the quality control process and provides single or double packaging options in accordance with the customer demand

Automatic sofa packaging machine consists of two parts which are packaging and oven unit

It is high-speed packaging machine than its equivalent

With its backup packaging equipment, it provides you double packaging feature

The machine has an ergonomic and solid chassis


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry

Isolation Industry



Polyethylene Film


Line Size W:14.000 mm L:3600 mm H:2300 mm
Line Weight 2200 kg
Product Feeding Height 750-800 mm
Welding Jaws Water-cooled system
Oven Size W:2350 mm L:4500 mm H:1400 mm
Packaging Speed 1 sofa/45 sec (depends on the product size)
Max. Product Size W:1500 mm L:2000 mm H:650 mm
Nylon Type Polyethylene Film
Power 70 kW
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6 bar
CE Certificate Yes
Automatic base alignment locates on the entrance conveyor to align the bases
With its water-cooled welding jaws, it ensures a smoother sealing thus maximizes the packaging quality
Since packaging process is carried out quicker and faster, it saves time and labour cost
Product packaging process is carried out automatically
It has a nylon-loading elevator
With its nozzles located in the oven, it can divert the hot air easily
With the help of its sensors, it can detect automatically and whether there is a product in the oven
The oven is a thermally isolated
Oven conveyor is made of fireproof material
There are 4 cooling fans located at exit of the oven
There are 4 pieces of cassette type resistors with 1500 kW located in the oven
Conveyor speed is adjustable through the panel


Entrance Alignment Conveyor

Packaging Conveyor

Exit Conveyor



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