Manual Sofa Packaging Machine

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FURNITURE LM-PG/6300 Manual Sofa Packaging Machine

In general, the sofa packaging process is complicated for the manufacturers. To protect the upholstery sofa, the sofa must be packed in a correct way. Manuel Sofa Packaging Machine that has been developed by our R&D division, provides a proper packaging solution to our clients

LM-PG/6300 is a manual packaging machine that packs an upholstery sofa with a packaging material once they pass the quality control process

With the help of the operator, the corner corrugated cartoon is attached to the sofa and the sofa is inserted into the three closed packaging sides in the first place. Afterwards water-cooled welding jaws seals the open mouth part of the material to carry out the packaging process

With water-cooled system, it maximizes the sealing quality

The maximum quality of a sealing process ensures a safer and proper storage and prevents the product from dust, dirt and moisture

It requires 2 operators at the machine

Machine consists of two parts such as roller conveyor and sealing unit

It packs the products faster than its equivalent


Furniture Industry



Packaging Material

Corrugated Cartoon

Line Size W:2000 mm L:5000 mm H:2200 mm
Line Weight 750 kg
Product Feeding Weight 750-800 mm
Welding Jaws Water-cooled system
Packaging Speed 1 sofa/ 1 min (it varies according to the product size)
Nylon Type Polyethylene Film
Power 2000 va
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6 bar
CE Certificate Yes
With water-cooled system, it maximizes the sealing quality
Packaging process is carried out faster and easier
It has PID heat control system
It is a simple and ergonomic machine to use
Machine provides single or double packaging options according to the customer inquires


Inlet Roller Conveyor

Exit Roller Conveyor