Wedge Inserter Machine

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FURNITURE LM-SM/1400 Wedge Inserter Machine

This is used at the beginning of the mattress assembly process when the core is being built. It is used to insert foam wedges into mattresses or sofa spring cores quickly and practically

Customized production is possible by changing the number of foam wedges inserted into the spring core. A maximum of 12 foam wedges can be inserted into the spring core in as short a time as 10 seconds

The spring cores and foam wedges are placed into the machine manually. The process can then be activated by pressing a button or foot pedal. Spring cores and foam wedges can be taken out from the machine manually in their entirely


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry


Spring Frame


Machine Weight 600 kg
Spring Feeding Height 900 mm
Capacity 1 Spring/30 sec
Max. Spring Size W:2000 mm L:2250 mm H:300 mm
Min. Spring Size W:700 mm L:1800 mm H:100 mm
Max. Spring Weight 50 kg
Gripper System Pneumatic
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
Power Total: 3kW
CE Certificate Yes
The machine can insert foam wedges automatically into spring cores of varying sizes
It is made up of three units: a spring unit, foam reservoir, and gripper unit
Gripper arms pass through the spring unit and catch the foam wedges lined up in the chamber with a gripper, pulling them into the spring cores
The machine has 12 gripper arms and the mechanical gripper system that moves back and forth is pneumatic
It is run by a PLC system
The safety barrier surrounding the machine provides a safe working environment
Can be serviced online
Features a long-life Festo pneumatic system with low air consumption


Safety Barrier

Pneumatic Gripper System


Pneumatic Movable Spring Holder Pin System