Feeding Conveyor

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MATTRESS LM-AE/2000 Feeding Conveyor

It is a conveyor that can be used as a feeding conveyor at the slicing machines such as PVC edge banding and chipboard sizing in the first place as well as product loading/unloading and transportation conveyor in different sizes and working ranges according to the place of use

The conveyor has a hydraulic lift and automation system enables the conveyor to move up and down

By adding the sensor located on the panel sizing machine entry and with the help of automation, the conveyor adjusts its’ height according to the product height automatically. Thus increases the process efficiency and provides a comfortable working area

In the same way, it enables the loading, unloading and the transportation process of the production lines easier

Custom sized production is available


Furniture Industry




Conveyor Size W:800 mm L:2200 mm
Max. Conveyor Height 1100 mm
Min. Conveyor Height 350 mm
Conveyor Weight 450 kg
Pressure System Hydraulic
Hydraulic Pump 2.2 kW 10 lt Powerpack
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6 bar
Power 2.2 kW
The conveyor has a hydraulic lift system
According to the customer inquiry, the feeding conveyor can be produced either stable or movable
In the meantime, various-sized production is available
It increases the efficiency and reduces the labour force
It is a simple and ergonomic conveyor to use


Panel Sizing Machine

Alignment Unit