Alignment Conveyor

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MATTRESS LM-CON/1700 Alignment Conveyor

It is a conveyor that is used to move the finished or semi-finished product on the center line. A pneumatic alignment system works on the left and right of the conveyor

Using sensors, the machine measures the length of mattresses to align them by stopping them in the center of the conveyor

This conveyor is preferred during packing and gluing process where the mattresses are supposed be in the center of the line

Its flexible and ergonomic working principle aligns mattresses by transferring them according to their size and weight


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry

Furniture Industry

White Goods Industry


Finished or Semi-Finished Product


Wood Panel

White Goods


Conveyor Size W:2350 mm L:2600 mm H:1300 mm
Conveyor Weight 600 kg
Conveyor Height 900 mm
Capacity 6 Mattresses/min
Max. Mattress Size W:2000 mm L:2250 mm H:500 mm
Min. Mattress Size W:700 mm L:1800 mm H:100 mm
Max. Mattress Weight 150 kg
Alignment System Pneumatic
Electric/Air Pressure/Power 380 VAC (III+N+TT)/6-8 bar/1,5 kW
CE Certificate Yes
It aligns mattresses of varying sizes and weights without requiring any adjustment
Based on the production demands:
* It aligns the mattress even centralized
* It can act as transfer conveyor without aligning the mattress
There is a pneumatic alignment system on the right and left sides of the conveyor
Features a long-life Festo pneumatic system with low air consumption