Quality Control with Flipper Conveyor

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MATTRESS LM-CON/2200 Quality Control with Flipper Conveyor

This conveyor is designed to allow operators to carry out quality control inspections and mattress cleaning more easily before the product is packaged

Mattresses automatically stay centered on the quality control conveyor. The operator can press a button to lift centered mattresses over the conveyor. They can then conduct a quality control of all sides by rotating the mattresses

Afterwards, by pressing reversing button, it turns the mattress over 180 degrees. Once both sides of a mattress have been checked, the mattress is then automatically transferred to the packaging machine

With its flexible and ergonomic working principle, quality control process is completed without damaging the mattress through turning and rotating


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Conveyor Size W:2350 mm L:3100 mm H:900 mm
Conveyor Weight 550 kg
Conveyor Height 900 mm
Capacity 1 Mattress/30-45 sec
Max. Mattress Size W:2000 mm L:2250 mm H:500 mm
Min. Mattress Size W:700 mm L:1800 mm H:100 mm
Max. Mattress Weight 150 kg
Lift/Flip System Pneumatic
Power 0.75 kW
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
CE Certificate Yes
It has fully automatic mattress flipping function
Even the heaviest of mattresses are no match for this system
However, it can also be used as a transfer conveyor line, skipping the flipping and rotating stages altogether
It prevents any deformation occurred during the flipping and rotating 360 degrees
With the help of its sensors, it can detect automatically whether there is a mattress in the machine
The length of the quality control conveyor is 2.4 m and it covers less area than its equivalent
Since the mattress is rotated on 2.4 m long conveyor, it minimizes the time loss while flipping
Can be serviced online
Features a long-life Festo pneumatic system with low air consumption


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