Single Jersey Covering Machine

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MATTRESS LM-CR/2000 Single Jersey Covering Machine

This machine is used during the carcass preparation at the beginning process of the mattress assembling. In other words, the machine is used to insert the foam, latex, bonnell spring, pocket spring mattresses as well as foam pillows into a jersey easily and quickly

The previously prepared jersey is attached to the machine arms. Firstly, the open part of the mat is sealed into the welding jaw. Afterwards, the mattresses which are fed from the feeding point are inserted into the jersey and re-sealed. Hence the jersey dressing process is carried out on the mattress

It is much easier to put on or take off a cover from the mattress and pillow if they were inserted into the jersey. Jersey cover is used on mattresses and pillows where zippered covers are used. Thus, it allows the end user to fit the mattress or pillow covers easier

The machine consists of three parts: a feeding conveyor, cover insertion unit, and exit conveyor. It adjusts the width and height of the mattress automatically. Since the single jersey is inserted quicker and faster, it saves time and labor cost. In fully automatic mode, it inserts 2 jerseys in a minute


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry

Furniture Industry


Latex, Visco and Foam

Foam Pillow and Cushion

Line Height 900 mm
Machine Weight 1200 kg
Capacity 2 Mattresses/min
Max. Mattress Size W:2100 mm L:2400 mm H:450 mm
Min. Mattress Size W:400 mm L:800 mm H:60 mm
Max. Mattress Weight 300 kg
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power Total:5kW
CE Certificate Yes
It inserts single jersey to different sizes of pocket, spring, and foam mattress as well as foam mattresses and pillows
Up, down and width adjustment of the machine can be done with a button while the conveyor belts run with a foot pedal
The machine consists of three parts: a feeding conveyor, cover insertion unit, and exit conveyor
The machine requires two operators
It is simple and ergonomic to use


Inlet Feeding Conveyor

Cover Insertion Unit

Exit Conveyor

Welding Jaws