Roll Slitter Machine

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MATTRESS LM-CU/1000 Roll Slitter Machine

Roll Slitting Machine is an advanced slitter machine which is used for cutting the desired size of woven & knitted fabric, non-woven, 3D spacer and curtain fabrics

The machine features the maximum cutting quality even at the most difficult materials by providing you the maximum efficiency during the slitter process.  The tempered blade offers not only the precise cutting but also this feature last for a long time

Thanks to its double side sharpening system, roller stabilizer, blade cooling as well the precise cutting features provides you highest efficiency and ergonomics together with the blade safety cover, motorized right-left motion of the blade and unlimited cutting width options


Mattress Industry

Face Mask Industry



Woven Mattress Ticking

Knitted Mattress Ticking


Curtain Fabric

Machine Size W:1000 mm L:3300 mm H:1200 mm
Machine Weight 1000 Kg
Cutting Width (25-1250 mm) It varies according to fabric type
Max. Roll Diameter 350 mm
Max. Roll Length 2400 mm
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 2.2 kW
The HSS (High speed steel) circular blades guarantees high performance and a perfect cut quality
With HSS blade features’, it can tolerate the high temperature during the roll cutting process
The desired roll cutting width can be set precisely through the centering system
Tempered blade system driven by motors
Roll holder for precise slitting process
Provides you different cutting size options
Drums are adjustable according to the roll diameter
Thanks to the metric system on the machine, provides you even millimetric cutting possibility
The desired cutting width can be set precisely
The speed of the circular knife and the product-holding shaft can be adjusted continuously
Blade sharpening system is adjustable according to the blade diameter
The opening of the safety cover ergonomic blade is automatic
Available cutting widths (25 mm-1250 mm)
Easy maintenance
Long service life


Blade Cooling System

Blade Sharpening System