Quilted Panel Cutting Machine

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MATTRESS LM-CU/2100 Quilted Panel Cutting Machine

Quilted border cutting machine is a machine that cuts the border which is essential for mattress production

In other words, it locates after the quilting machine to cut the quilted panels 

How the machine works?

  • After panel quilting process, it passes to the cutting machine
  • It performs cutting at the required border size
  • With the help of roller system, the sliced product is wrapped in rolls

With its speed adjustment system and high cutting precision, it performs high quality order cutting process


Mattress Industry


Quilted Panel

Machine Size W:1500 mm L:3200 mm H: 2000 mm
Max. Quilted Panel Size 2400 mm
Min. Border Cutting Width 60 mm
Machine Weight 1400 kg
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 3 kW
The HSS (High speed steel) circular blades guarantees high performance and a perfect cut quality since it tolerates the high temperature during the roll cutting process
With its 12 HSS cutting knifes, it maximizes the cutting quality
It performs cutting at the requited border size
The cutting knifes carry out the product cutting process with a millimetric precision
With its speed adjustment feature, it works synchronized with all chain and lock stitch quilting machines
The cutting process continues easier thanks to roll wrapping system located on the machine
It is a simple and ergonomic machine to use
It requires low maintenance
Long service life


Roll Wrapping System