Automatic Hotmelt Glue

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MATTRESS LM-GL/1200 HIGH SPEED Automatic Hotmelt Glue

Glue is an essential part of mattress manufacturing and as today mattress gluing system is getting more popular to maximize the worker health, increased production efficiency as well as the hygiene in the working area and mattresses

LM-GL/4000 High Speed Gluing System feeds the product in a middle-centered way. The products are aligned and centered on the line before the gluing process. Since the gluing process is faster than the other gluing methods, it is suitable and more preferred at mass production. With its working style and nozzles, it provides more glue stripe options

The hotmelt as a raw material has been using in mattress gluing system to keep material and foam from shifting so it maintains the integrity of the mattress

Mattress gluing system helps you to apply one component hotmelt evenly onto the layers of foam such as foam, felt and quilting panels

Advanced glue amount control system makes you apply right amount of glue onto each mattress component. By keeping the glue amount consistent and correct level to control

This system is running automatically with length, width and height of the mattress recognition

In general, Nordson, Robatec.. etc gluing unit is used optionally. Total electrical power is 4 kW


Mattress Industry



Quilted Panel



Machine Size W:2200 mm L:5200 mm H:2400 mm
Line Height 900 mm
Max Conveyor Speed 20 m/minute
Capacity Per product layer gluing/10 sec
Glue Type Hotmelt
Movable Glue Gun 2 guns 16 nozzles
Fixed and Zigzag Glue Gun 3 guns 12 nozzles
Max. Mattress Height 500 mm
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Electric 6 bar
Optical Sensor at conveyors
Servo motor kontollü kenar hızalama sistemi bulunmaktadır, sistem otomatik olarak kenar boşluklarını ayarlayabilmektedir
Automatic length and width and height recognition
6 guns/30 nozzles are being used at the machine. (edge and center gluing)
Pocket spring, carcass, felt, foam, quilted panel are glued at different gluing styles through touch screen/buttons
High efficiency during the gluing process
It is easy to adapt to any production line
Can be serviced online
Maximum product width size: 2100 mm
NOTE: The ROBATECH or NORDSON Hotmelt system is used in the glue bridge. 3 fixed and 3 Moving, total 6 guns /24 nozzles are used. Tank capacity: 30lt. Tank capacity can vary according to our client’s request


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