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This machine stacks semi-finished and finished mattresses by lifting them onto the line. In case production does not run homogeneously, it ensures that the productivity continues in the same way by accumulating more than one mattress in a mattress area so one station cannot affect the efficiency of the other station.

It provides an excellent solution and high efficiency at certain points such as mattress gluing station, before the assembling process, waiting time at nylon packing change and before the quality control. It is an important system for the mattress facilities which have limited space.

It stacks mattresses with various sizes and weights without requiring any adjustment.


  • Mattress Industry
  • Foam Lamination System


  • Semi-Finished and finished mattress
  • Foam

Capacity 1 mattress in 10 seconds
Max. Mattress Size W:2150 mm L:2150 H: 500 mm
Min. Mattress Size W:700 mm L:1800 mm H:100 mm
Max. Mattress Height 500 mm
Min. Mattress Height 100 mm
Max. Mattress Weight 200 kg
Machine Weight 1500 kg
Power Requirement Total: 5kW
Voltage Type (Revised as optional) 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Compressed Air 6-8 bar
Shipping Dimension W: 2350 mm L: 2600 mm H: 5000mm
CE certificate Yes
Lifting System Mechanic
Conveyor Height 900 mm
• It stacks mattresses with various sizes and weights without requiring any adjustment.
• It can stack 14 double-sized mattresses in one mattress area.
• It can stack 2 pieces of 90*190 sized mattresses on the same floor.
• With its flexible structure, it can easily be adapted to any part of your production line.
• With its mechanical chain lift system, it can stack even very heavy mattresses easily.
• With the help of its sensors, it can detect automatically whether there is a mattress in the machine.
• The safety barrier surrounding the machine provides a safe working environment.
• Can be serviced online.
• Features a long-life Festo pneumatic system with low air consumption.


  • Safety Barrier
  • PVC conveyor
  • Mechanic Lifting System