Roll-Pack Machine

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MATTRESS LM-PG-R/4200 Roll-Pack Machine

It is a semi-automatic packing machine that presses foam, latex, box spring mattress and mattress pads.  This machine transfers the product into the roll-pack machine without requiring any pre-packaging processes

The product is transferred to the roll-pack unit automatically via a feeding conveyor. In this unit, the product wrapped in roll-form is pushed into the bag which is placed at the side of the machine and the packing process is carried out

A standard pre-feeding conveyor at the inlet of the machine

Machine consists of two parts: pre-feeding conveyor and back roll pack unit

A total of two operators are required to run the machine: one operator at the pre-feeding section and one operator at the roll-pack unit


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry



Pocket Spring/Foam Mattress

Mattress Pads

Polyethylene Film

Mattress Weight 3000 kg
Capacity 1 Mattress/20 sec
Max. Mattress Size W:2100 mm L:2200 mm H:350 mm
Exit Roll-Pack Diameter 320 mm
Roller Packing System PE, Stretch Film Rolling & Sealing
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Air Pressure 6 bar
Power 7 kW
CE Certificate Yes
The wrapped product is pushed into the previously prepared package by a pusher system
Exit roll diameter is fixed without requiring any roll diameter adjustment by the operator
Rolling is a fully automatic process with no manual intervention required
The rolling drums are made of steel drawn (seamless) pipes with a 20 mm thickness. This ensures the machine’s durability and longevity
By passing aluminum pipes on the rolling drums, product alignment is maintained and product damage is prevented
The pressed and packed product enters the packing machine where it will be rolled


Roll-Pack Unit

Entrance Feeding Conveyor