Automatic Packaging Machine

MATTRESS LM-PG/3100 POWER PACK Automatic Packaging Machine

Mattresses are packaged by being inserted into a package using a nylon roll located in the upper and lower parts of the machine. The packing system protects mattresses from dust, stains and moisture

LM-MP-R/7000 Full Pack is a fully automatic mattress packing machine that, through its superior packing feature, provides faster production and a safer working area

With its flexible and ergonomic working principle, this machine minimizes the operator workload by packing various-sized mattresses and roll-mattresses without requiring adjustments

The machine located inside a cabin and the switches that are locate on the cabin doors ensure a safer working environment for the operator

With a 60-ton hydraulic press, this machine can pack mattresses without requiring a roll-pack. This feature helps minimize packing volume for your innerspring mattresses


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry


Mattress, Foam, Polyethylene Film

Machine Size W:3500 mm L:10000 mm H:3000 mm
Machine Weight 8000 kg
Conveyor Height 900 mm
Capacity 1 Mattress/30 sec
Max. Mattress Size W:2150 mm L:2150 mm H:500 mm
Min. Mattress Size W:700 mm L:1800 mm H:50 mm
Nylon Thickness 50-160 microns
Press System Hydraulic
Max. Pressure Load 60 ton
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 15 kW
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
CE Certificate Yes
It features an automatic width, length and height recognition system to detect different mattress sizes
The mattress can be packed horizontally
Ön ve yan rezistanslar arası bekleme sistemi ile daha hızlı paketleme gerçekleştirilir
The automatic pressing system reduces the mattress packing volume
Features adjustable cooling time for the various nylon thicknesses via the sealing units
A water-cooling system installed at the side and middle sealing units ensures maximum bonding quality
The conveyor located in the upper press system detects the mattress height and presses the mattress beforehand, helping to optimize the packaging speed and quality
The side sealing units automatically adjusts to the mattress height. This increases the packaging quality by positioning the bonding point right at the middle of the mattress
The packing tension can be adjusted from the operator panel
Features an automatic side film cutting system
With the Gripper System, all cut side film waste is sent to the waste system
Features an upper roller side film elevator, which facilitates the safe and easy replacement of the machine’s Polyethylene Film roll
Can be serviced online
Features a long-life Festo pneumatic system with low air consumption
Comes with a standard nylon-loading elevator
A bonding system that prevents any bonding errors through an instant heating system
The homogeneous heat distribution system requires the minimum resistance change
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Package Loading Elevator

Water-Cooled Sealing Unit

Gripper System for Nylon Waste Removal

Movable Side Sealing Lower Sealing Units

Feeding Conveyor

Exit Idler Conveyor


Mattress Stacking Machine

Buffer System