Compress Packaging Line

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MATTRESS LM-PG/5000 Compress Packaging Line

Mattress compress packaging line consists of 2 hydraulic presses and 1 automatic stacker machine. With the help of stacker machine, the pressed and packed products are stacked into a second press at the first press. Following the first press, the products are bound at the second press and the packaging process is completed. 20 mattresses at approximately 20 cm height can be bonded by being pressed up to a height of 1.20 m

The first press is machine that the mattress is inserted in three-side closed bad-shaped package and open part of the package is sealed

This machine requires two operators to run

The package wrapping process is carried out manually on the table at the front of the machine

Packaged mattresses are inserted into the machine. The pressing process is carried out without sealing the mouth of the bag. After pressing, the open mouth of the package is sealed

With the automatic stacking machine, pressed and packaged products can then be sent to the second press. Once the mattresses have been stacked on the second press, pressing can begin by feeding the mattresses from wooden pallets. As the products are being pressed, they are connected by a strip binding machine. The press is then opened and the product is removed using a forklift


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry


Foam, Latex

Pocket Spring, Bonel Spring/Foam Mattress

Polyethylene Film


First Press The machine has a 100-liter tank and 60 tons hydraulic press system
The pressed table has four bearing system with racks to make a better-balanced press
Lower press conveyor consists of two parts. Thus, provides a stronger press with a stronger base plate
Panel üzerinden ısı ayarlı yapıştırma sistemi bulunmaktadır
Double sealing system ensures a safer and stronger vacuum
By water-cooled sealing unit in welding jaw provides a stronger welding feature
Functional touch screen at the machine
LM-MPL/18000 Telescopic Paletizied Conveyor This system is used to automatically place those mattresses that have been stacked by an automatic stacking machine onto pallets without requiring any labor force. It is also used to stack packaged foam, mattresses, and box springs onto pallets
The conveyor increases efficiency and reduces the amount of labor needed after packaging
With its flexible structure, it can easily be adapted to any part of your production line
Occupational diseases caused by lifting are prevented
It can work as a solution for sealing, packaging, and foam cutting lines
It is able to stack mattresses of varying sizes and weights without requiring any adjustment
Thanks to automatic stacking, a better and more stable mattress alignment is ensured
By stacking mattresses automatically, an operator is not required
The conveyor is highly ergonomic and promotes a safer working environment
It also provides an opportunity to use different pallets and carriers
The machine uses sensors to automatically detect whether a mattress is present or not
Can be serviced online
The hydraulic lifting system means that stacking heavier products is easier than ever before
The machine can also be used to stack and pack pressed mattresses into a second press
Second Press The machine has a 100-liter tank and 60 tons hydraulic press system
The pressed table has four bearing system with racks to make a better-balanced press
Products measuring up to 2 m can be fed inside the press
It can press up to minimum 500 mm


Hydraulic Press Unit

Telescopic Palletized Conveyor

Operator Touch Screen

Water-Cooled Sealing Unit

Package Wrapping Table


Entrance Feeding Conveyor

Pneumatic Nylon Waste Cutting System