Spring Fatigue Machine

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MATTRESS LM-SM/1100 Spring Fatigue Machine

Spring sofas and mattresses are one of the primary pieces of furniture in our homes that provide us comfort in our daily life. However, the bonnell springs start to sag that creates an uneven surface characterized by ‘peaks and valleys’ in areas across the sofa or mattress, in turn making for an uncomfortable sofa to sit and mattress to sleep on

LM-SM-1100 is a machine that easiest the production process since it applies mechanical pressure to the carcass to enable the spring sag beforehand that may occur later over time

Working principle of spring fatigue machine:

  • Operator inserts the carcass into the mechanical press tables. With the help of foot pedal, the operator starts moving the mechanical press up and down
  • The length of spring compression time can be set by the operator through the panel
  • Once the spring compression time entered to the system is over, machine stops automatically. Afterwards the operator takes the carcass from the machine manually

One operator is being required


Mattress Industry

Furniture Industry


Bonnell Spring Carcass

Machine Size W:2120 mm L:2300 mm H:1550 mm
Machine Weight 1300 pcs/shift (8 hour)
Power 5,5 kW
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
The machine applies mechanical pressure to the carcass to enable the spring sag that may occur later over time
Since the operator runs the machine with foot pedal, it maximizes safer working area
It is a simple and ergonomic machine to use
It ensures the maximum quality of compress in case of a different carcass size


Foot Pedal