Automatic Storage System (AS/RS)

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MATTRESS LM-SS/1000 Automatic Storage System (AS/RS)

(AS/RS) Automated mattress storage and retrieval systems are designed to store the mattresses on racks and retrieval of them quickly on demand through computerized driven system.


Increased Storage Capacity

The most obvious benefit of ASRS is the considerable space savings they provide

An efficient AS/RS system helps companies by minimizing the storage of unnecessary products and improving organization of warehousing

Automated mattress storage system allows you maximizing your current storage area to store more products

Reduced Labor Requirements and Costs

The second most obvious advantage of automated storage and retrieval systems is the labor savings as well as cost

AS/RS units dramatically reduces the operator walk and search time. In other words, system provides the companies faster and more reliable operation of the warehouse

In manual operations, the workers spend most of their shifting through searching the shelves, looking for the correct item and matching up the part numbers as can take several minutes or more

Thanks to our AS/RS mattress system, the machines deliver the stored mattress to the operators quickly as needed.  In the meantime, it easiest and accelerates the process of picking up or storing the required mattress quantity, finding location of the right product and readying them to load on time through reducing the workforce

Automation reduces labor costs while lowering workforce requirements and improves the competitive power of the companies.

There is an opportunity for human error at storing or picking process. At AS/RS system, it eliminates the error thus leads the company to reach zero error at storing, retrieving as well as loading process

AS/RS system reduces the operation expenses of warehousing and improving the speed of return on investment (ROI)

Improved Safety & Ergonomics

AS/RS system creates a safe and ergonomic working environment for employees

Greater Inventory Control

AS/RS system helps your company manage your inventory so you always know what you have and more importantly - where it is

Equipment Details:

  • Storage Racks
  • Movable storage lift
  • Automatic Mattress Stacker
  • Cross Conveyor (90 Degrees)
  • PVC Conveyor Belt
  • Mattress Rotation and Transfer Conveyor
  • Telescopic conveyor for loading mattress
  • Slotted Belt Conveyor