Storage Rack System

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MATTRESS LM-SS/1100 Storage Rack System

It is a mattress storage rack system that helps the companies to store their mattresses safely and quickly without damaging the product

Racks are made of special profiles which are drawn in a machine called roolform

Rack system has a strong and durable construction that it can withstand any damage that can occour during the warehousing and use over a longer period of years

Customized storage rack solutions for various inquiries in rack height and length sizes at AS/RS automatic mattress storage systems

Rack width is 2200 mm


Reduced Cost

The mattress rack system is designed without pallets thus ease the shipment process and provide them the cost advantage

It minimizes the risk of any damage during the storage and shipment process

Increased Storage Capacity

Our mattress rack system provides our customer considerable space savings

Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions for our various customer inquiries according to their warehouse and product type


Stacker cranes are automated machines that performs the storage and retrieval of the mattresses precisely, accurately and quickly while working with the racking system. The stacker cranes are guided by a management software system, which coordinates all the activities

On a fixed rail along the corridor, stacker crane maintains the balance, performs safely and moves horizontally (X-direction). The crane is equipped with sensors which measures distance along the line and provide precise positioning

The average velocity in horizontal axis is about 100 m/sec and lifting speed is 50 m/sec

Communication with the control panel and data flow in the system are running wirelessly

The stacker crain robot is a single unit by itself.  All the systems and components needed are carried in a dashboard. It consists of sections such as column, elevator, control panel and telescopic fork

We ensure that our extensive range of Stacker Cranes can operate with diverse loads, up to 1.000kg and installed power is 40 kW