Automatic Tape Edge Machine

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MATTRESS LM-TE/1000 Automatic Tape Edge Machine

Following the mattress assembly process, the Tape Edge Machine joins the quilted panel, side border and mattress tape. PFAFF 5625, CTEC or other sewing machine heads can be used on our tape edge machine depending on our client’s request. A smooth and ergonomic corner turning system is provided, even to heavy mattresses, thanks to the rack-driven arm steering system. The encoder on the corner system allows the operator to adjust the turning angle on the operator screen manually

It features an automatic height-adjustable seat that helps the operator to work more efficiently and more comfortably and without getting tired during the shift

There is a mattress flipping unit located at the rear of the machine. The operator performs the flipping process without removing the mattress from the sewing machine, which saves time and energy

Following the flipping process, the mattress stopping point can be adjusted at the operator panel


Mattress Industry


The Assembly Processed Mattress

Mattress Panel

Side Border

Mattress Tape

Yarn and Needle

Machine Size W:3200 mm L:4500 mm H:2300 mm
Machine Weight 1600 kg
Sewing Head PFAFF, CTEC or other options depending on our client’s request
Standard Tape Folder 42 mm
Max. Sewing Speed 3000 rpm
Max. Conveyor Speed 20 m/min
Capacity 200-250 pieces per shift (8 hours)
Max Mattress Size W:2200 mm L:2200 mm H:500 mm
Min. Mattress Height 50 mm
Max. Mattress Weight 160 kg
Electric 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 3 kW
Air Pressure 6 bar
CE Certificate Yes
PFAFF5625, CTEC or other sewing heads can be used depending on the client's request
All sewing heads on our tape-edge machines feature chain-sewing and needle-cooling systems
Automatic angle and height adjustments can be made from the panel at the sewing machine unit
This ensures smooth and efficient sewing of between 5–48 cm
A sensor system has been integrated for corner turning. The corner-turning settings can be adjusted from the operator panel
The corner-turning arm system rises once it flips the mattress and the operator can continue the sewing process without losing time until the arm resets
An adjustable angle arm return system is located on the operator panel
There is also a flipping system, which can flip and reposition even the heaviest mattresses with ease
The single conveyor system ensures that the mattress slides on the belt easily without damage
It also features a fully automatic deceleration and corner-turning system, which can operate without any need to depress the corner pedals
The machine has an automatic needle up position and pneumatic base lifting system
A height-adjustable electric seat system allows the operator to adjust the working height according the mattress height on the panel
The control rack system simplifies mattress flipping, regardless of weight. Additionally, the control rack system provides more power with less energy
It features an adjustable stitch pitch with precise conveyor and stitch synchronization
Standard edge mattress quality: The automatic edge head-landing function ensures that corner sewing is of the highest quality
Higher production efficiency is achieved through the use of the automatic mattress production line option
The mechanical and engine components are located outside of the machine, which expedites and simplifies the maintenance process
Sewing machine is running with servo motor thus ensures precise and smooth stitching at corner turning as well as needle position


Sewing Head (PFAFF Head, CTEC or Other Brands)

Mattress Tape Folder

Adjustable Operator Seat


Courtesy Lamp

Touch Screen

Servo Motor


Back Feeding Conveyor

Front Exit Conveyor

Backup Apparatus