Tufting Machine

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MATTRESS LM-TG/1000 Tufting Machine

It is a mattress compression machine that used in hand tufting process. The mattress is compressed before installing the tufts, makes the process easier and reduce the labour-force.  

Our tufting machine has been designed to tuft premium mattress sizes up to 500 mm height and is capable of handling mattress of up to 2400*2200 mm.

Tufting connects the top layer of the mattress with the layers beneath it. That construction keeps the mattress layers in place, and it prevents them from shifting or bunching and losing its shape.

Our tufting machines maximizes the safety of working area, reduces labor-force and eases the process is it compresses the mattress before installing thus makes the tufting consistent. 

It requires only one operator.


Mattress Industry (inc. Futon mattresses)



Mattress Panel


Machine Size W:2400 mm L:2200 mm H:1300 mm
Machine Weight 800 kg
Capacity 4 Mattresses/hour
Max. Mattress Size W:2200 mm L:2200 mm H:500 mm
Max. Space Between Upper and Lower Compression Bars 500 mm
Press Power 3500-5000 kg
Chassis Steel Construction
Turning System Pneumatic
Press System Pneumatic
Air Pressure Max. 6 bar
Ergonomic and easy to use
Quiet operation
The convenience of all-pneumatic controls for low maintenance requirements
Long service life


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