Pillow/Cushion Covering

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PILLOW LM-PC/3300 Pillow/Cushion Covering

The machine is used to reduce the width and height of foam, latex, bonnell spring, pocket spring and insert them into a cover easily and quickly

Machine consists of three parts which are:

  • A feeding conveyor
  • Cover insertion unit
  • Exit conveyor

Inserts the bonnell spring, pocket spring, foam and latex into their covers easily and quickly

In fully automatic mode, the machine can place five covers per minute


Mattress Industry

Foam Industry


Latex, Visco and Foam

Bonel and Pocket Spring

Foam Cushion/Pillow

Machine Size W:2200 mm L:5000 mm H:1600 mm
Machine Weight 800 kgs
Line Height 900 mm
Capacity 5 Cushions/min
Max. Cushion Cover Size W:800 mm L:1200mm H:250 mm
Min. Cushion Cover Size W:500 mm L:1200 mm H:135 mm
Voltage Type 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Power 3 kW
CE Certificate Evet
Saves Cost With mattress covers put in place both more quickly and more efficiently, time and labor costs are saved. The machine requires 2 operators
Easy of Operation Pocket spring, bonnell spring, and foam cushions of varying sizes can be covered. The machine has up/down buttons and another for width adjustment, while the conveyor belts are run by a foot pedal
Geared Drive Unit The machine also includes 1 PVC conveyors and 1 free roller conveyor. All these conveyors have a geared drive unit that runs independently of each other
Ergonomics The design of the machine is ergonomic, and it is easy to run
Motorized Conveyor With its motorized conveyor located at the machine inlet, it eases and ensures the cushion insertion at the straps mouth
Spare Part The equipment used in the machine are of first quality and are long-lasting. In case of any spare part inquiry, a quick spare parts service is provided


Inlet Feeding Conveyor

Cover Insertion Unit

Exit Conveyor