Semi-Automatic Press and Roll-Pack Machine

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MATTRESS LM-PG-R/4100 Semi-Automatic Press and Roll-Pack Machine

It is a semi-automatic packing machine that presses foam, spring mattress and mattress pads.  The product that is inserted in three-side closed bag-shaped package is pressed by 60 tons hydraulic press and open part of the package is sealed

The pressed product is vacuumed by closing the mouth part. Afterwards the product is automatically transferred to the roll-pack unit.  In this unit, the product is wrapped in roll-form and the package process is carried out by wrapping stretch unit

An optional boxing system can be installed on the rear end of the machine.  An optional pre-feeding conveyor at the inlet of the machine

Machine consists of two parts: prepress and back roll pack unit


Mattress Industry



Spring /Foam Mattress

Mattress Pads

Quilted Panels and Duvets

Capacity 1 mattress in 50 seconds
Max. Mattress Size 2100 mm*2200 mm
Max. Mattress Height 48 cm
Exit diameter 260-500 mm (adjustable)
Maximum Press Power 60 tons
Roller Packing System PE or Stretch Film Roller & Sealing
Weight 8500 kgs
Voltage Type (Revised as optional) 380 VAC (III+N+T)
Power 15 kW
Pressured Air 6 bar
Shipping Dimension W: 8,5 m*L: 2,3 m* * H: 2,6 m
CE certificate Yes


Hydraulic Press Unit

Roll-Pack Unit

Control Panel

Water-Cooled Sealing Unit


Rear Carton Boxing System

Entrance Feeding Conveyor